Why do I have a toothache? 

When you let a cavity go untreated, the bacteria reaches the nerve and causes pain and sensation. The nerves of the teeth send signals to the brain. The pain you feel is a signal and acts as a first line of defense to let the body know that something is not normal. Toothaches vary from mild sensitivity to constant dull or pulsating pain that can make for sleepless nights. It is at this point, where we start calling our friendly family dentist. 

What does having a toothache indicate to my overall health.

A toothache is the first sign of the body defending itself from a possible infection. The teeth are connected to the body through the jaw bone and blood vessels. As a cavity gets larger and larger, it can start an infection of the tooth, thus reaching the nerve and blood vessels inside of the tooth. When you start feeling a pulsating pressure, you are feeling the blood in the artery next to the nerve. Infection from the gums and teeth can communicate into the blood, and this has proven many times in research and in real life cases. (hyperlink article) “Usa today news on feb 1, 2017: what began as  toothache ends with young dad’s death.”

What happens if I let this toothache last a long time?

Toothaches progress from cavity to infected tooth. What starts as  mild sensitivity to cold, lasting for a short period of time then progresses to a prolonged period of time. Then the toothache may stop for a while, and this is the most confusing part of the toothache and to the patient. 

“But my tooth doesn’t hurt anymore, doc!” 

Ask yourself some questions

  • Did the tooth get better by itself? 
  • Is the infection gone? 
  • Do I still need to do what the dentist recommended? 

The real reason the tooth stopped hurting is because the nerve is dead. A dead nerve as a result of the infection. However, the infection continues to grow as the body is trying to get rid of the dead nerve. The pain will start to come back as the infection is exiting the nerve canal and spreads to the bone. What you see next is an abscess and swelling of the face which could prove fatal in extreme circumstances.

The consequences of ignoring the toothache could be seriously painful, inconvenient, and fatal. 

Ignoring a toothache isn’t always the best choice. Please listen to your body when it talks to you. All toothaches should be investigated and treated accordingly. 

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